Gay Marriage: Should It Be Legalized? Essay

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Many people often question gay couples, but almost never question heterosexual couples because it is what may people are used to seeing, but what they do not realize is that gay couples have the same responsibilities as a heterosexual couple. Many gay couples already consider themselves married, no matter what the law states. Everyone should have the right to marry the person they love and be represented as a family, regardless of the gender of the two people getting married. Marriage should be based on love and not gender. The gay marriage movement is still being met by strong resistance and most likely always will.

Also, the government has no clear reason to exclude gay couples from benefits of marriage. Many older gay people are role models for younger gays trying to understand themselves. Gay marriage should be legalized throughout the nation. Many gay couples have been with each other for so long that they already consider themselves married. “1 in 5 of the nation’s 646,000 same sex couples considers themselves married” (Morello). Another reason may gay couples think of themselves as married is because they have lived together and acted as a heterosexual couple would.

Around sixty-three per-cent of gay couples live in the same home as their partner (Herbert). Many couples have been finally admitting their relationship to the public because they have been together so long. Since the 2000 census, the number of same sex couples increased by eighty per-cent (Morrello). Out of the sixty four million couples in the country, one per-cent is made up of same-sex couples (Morrello). If gay couples already consider themselves married, they should be allowed to get married. Everyone should have the ability to get married.

Gay couples share the same reasons for wanting to get married as any heterosexual couples (Wolfson). If heterosexual couples can get married, gay couples should receive the same right. Everyone should have the right to marry the person they love and be represented as a couple and family (Lipke). Some couples believe a strong way of showing love between one another is through marriage. Marriage is a way of showing commitment between to people, no matter of the gender of the two people getting married (Roleff). Another thing that some people do not realize is that not all gay couples wish to get married. According to the ensus, the number of gay couples wanting to wed is small (Morello). Some gay couples believe that the topic of marriage may cause a rift in their relationship (Morello). If heterosexual couples can get married, then gay couples should also be able too. Marriage should not be based on the gender of the two people getting married, but on love and commitment. Many people argue that gay couples cannot handle the same responsibilities as a straight couple. Lesbian and gay couples have proven to the public how people’s lives should revolve around commitment, family, and marriage; not just sexual choices and intimacy (Wolfson).

The gay marriage debate should depend on the love between to two people (Sullivan). Gay couples are capable of love, compassion, and faithfulness just as much as any heterosexual couple (Sullivan). People should be able to do what makes them happy and be with the person who makes them happy. People who are born gay still have the same capacity to love and the need to be love just as a straight person would (Sullivan). If two people genuinely love each other, they should be allowed to get married. Gay rights will not be an easy thing to legalize and will take a lot of time.

The gay marriage movement is still being met by strong resistance, and always will be (Proquest). Gay marriage has always been looked down upon for many reasons. The main problem surrounding gay marriage is religion (Sullivan). Many people would be very satisfied if gay marriage was not legalized, although they receive nothing out of the fact that gay couples cannot marry. The denial of rights to a gay couple benefits no one and it is just an obstacle that belongs to the couple (Wolfson). Now that gay marriage has become a popular topic, more gay people are becoming bullied for their sexual orentation.

Gay bashing is now consider to be a hate crime in certain states (Proquest). Gay couples only want to be able to get married legally and not bother other people. Denying gays of public recognition is the most affront possible way to deny gay couples of their public equality (Roleff). Many young gay people trying to come to terms with their sexuality just need someone there for support. Many older gay people serve to be role models for the younger gays (Roleff). Although it will be a battle, gay marriage should be legal. The government does not have enough clear, valid arguments against gay marraige.

With many more gay couples becoming more open about their sexuality, it has caused the government more trouble. “The census really shows us tremendous growth in the number of same-sex couples willing to stand up and be counted and I hope it translate into government being responsive to their needs”, said Brain Moulton, Chief Legislative Counselor for Human Rights (Morello). The only people that the church doesn’t support in marriage are gays. No church or person has doubted an atheist’s right to marry or a childless couple’s rights (Sullivan). I think it’s a very basic human rights issue”, Julianne Moore (Lipke). Another argument that the church has is that gay couples cannot have children, and in many states cannot adopt. Courts do not recognize that marriage has never been restricted to couples who can reproduce, so gay couples are not any less fertile than a heterosexual couple (Roleff). If the government does not have a clear reason to ban gay marriage, it should be legal until they have a valid argument against it. There are many valid arguments why gay marriage should be legal.

If many gay couples already consider themselves married and publicly refer to themselves as married, then the courts should allow them get married. Everyone should receive the luxury of being able to get married and should not be limited to certain people who met certain qualifications. Marriage should always be based on love and commitment between two people and not the gender of the two people wanting to get married. Since there are many valid arguments as to why gay marriage should be legalized, then the courts should take it in to consideration that it would just be easier to legalize gay marriage then to keep denying it.

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