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Whether it’s brilliantly creative or downright hysterical, some of the things we find on the web never cease to amaze us, especially at Christmas.

As it’s Christmas, we’ve decided to give this month’s Webwise a yuletide twist. We’ve had a very festive few weeks in the UpriseVSI HQ with plenty of mince pies, mulled wine and a visit from Santa himself. We even had a cheeky Christmas Nandos! We’re feeling positively giddy with Christmas spirit so we decided to finish the festivities off with a Christmas inspired Webwise. Without further ado, here are our favourite Christmas ads that we’ve been discussing over on Slack this month.

The one with the parody

What: If you live under a rock, or on the moon for that matter, then you still wouldn’t have missed this year’s Christmas offering from John Lewis. We’ve probably said enough about why we love the original #ManOnTheMoon ad, but we also very much enjoy this #ManOnTheMoon parody from Aldi.

Who: Aldi

Why we love it: If you can’t beat them, mock them. That’s certainly the approach that Aldi took with this tongue-in-cheek response to the heartwarming John Lewis ad. We’re partial to a bit of harmless banter in the Uprise office, so this was right up our street. Plus, with the shipping costs of sending a telescope to the moon, we can fully appreciate Aldi’s budget telescope offering. We do hope that they don’t start shipping cute little grandmothers off to the moon though. It might be just one small step for grannies everywhere, but it’d be a giant leap in terms of law suits.

The one with the turkey

What: The heartwarming tale about one little boy and his faithful pet turkey. Alas, as we all know, Christmas is most certainly not the most wonderful time of year for poultry…

Who: Vodafone

Why we love it: As much as we enjoy the occasional weepy Christmas ad, you need a little bit of comedy value so that you don’t completely obliterate the festive cheer. Vodafone delivers exactly that with this slightly morbid story of Terry the Turkey. For those who haven’t seen it, we promise that there’s a happy ending to this tale! The soundtrack to this ad deserves a special mention too. Say what you will about those Irish crooners, but it’s simply not Christmas without some nostalgic tunes from the Westlife boys!

The one for the feline lovers

What: The feel-good Christmas story of Mog the Cat!

Who: Sainsbury

Why we love it: There hasn’t been a Webwise in which we haven’t mentioned cats. And we’ll be honest, there probably never will be. We’re feline fans in this office. Whilst the message of this ad might be something of a Christmas cliche, we can’t help but love it. It perfectly evokes that Christmas feeling of family and friendship. We need a bit of sentiment from time to time, it is Christmas after all!

The one with Jeff Goldblum

What: Jeff Goldblum gives us a masterclass in how to act when receiving an unwanted Christmas gift

Who: Currys

Why we love it: Currys’ ‘Spare the Act’ campaign ticks all of the boxes with a nice bit of festive cynicism, as they offer advice on how to react to receiving a gift that you didn’t really want. This is a great idea in itself, but having Jeff Goldblum deliver it in his unmistakably laid-back manner turned a decent concept into a particularly memorable one. Although we were a tad disappointed that a T-Rex didn’t come crashing through the wall.

The one we can all relate to

What: Before Jeff Goldblum’s masterclass in bad gift etiquette, we’d all experienced the excruciating 60 seconds of fake smiling our way through the process of opening that inevitably awful gift from our distant Aunt Maureen. This ad explores the pain that lies behind #GiftFace

Who: Harvey Nichols

Why we love it: Admittedly, the topic is slightly reminiscent of Currys’ Christmas ad, minus Jeff Goldblum, which already sets Harvey Nichols at a disadvantage. However, we’ve all fallen victim of what Harvey Nichols have dubbed “gift face”, so we think this ad is highly relatable! We also like how the ad is part of an integrated campaign that includes print, in-store activation and digital. That’s some good end-to-end marketing right there!

The one that’s completely obscure

What: A pet boar is surely at the top of everyone’s Christmas list, right? This obscure ad warns us about the responsibilities of boar ownership and the importance of carefully thought-out gifts,

Who: Canal+

Why we love it: It features an unruly pet boar wreaking havoc on a family. What’s not to love?! If this doesn’t fill you with the joys of Christmas then nothing will. Remember kids, a pet boar is for life, not just for Christmas!

So there you have it, the final webwise of 2015! If you need any help with a marketing campaign in 2016, then give us a call.

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