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Whether it’s brilliantly creative or downright hysterical, some of the things we find on the web never cease to amaze us.

In our monthly series, Webwise, we share the best of the web with you.

Grown-up guides to life
Source: It's Nice That

Source: It’s Nice That

What: Cast your minds back to the primary school days of yesteryear, and we’re sure you remember learning many a valuable life lesson from a Ladybird book. Well, we have great news for you; there’s now an adults’ book series!
Who: Ladybird
Why we love it: For the nostalgia alone, these books are pretty great. However, they also teach us grown-ups some very important lessons. The Hangover? The Hipster? These are definitely topics that we need to know more about!

Light up your life

What: Let’s face it, aside from Pixar’s Luxo Jr., desk lamps aren’t the most interesting of devices. Yet, that’s all changed now that we’ve set our sights on The Lampster!
Who: Radu and Andrew
Why we love it: The Lampster is made out of recycled tractor headlights and features smart technology so that it can be connected to your Spotify to flash in synch to your music. As interesting as all of this smart technology is, we were sold the moment we saw The Lampster’s little robot body!

Cats & CSS
Source: Mike Borsare

Source: Mike Borsare

What: A basic tutorial on using CSS selectors. Oh, and did we mention it’s taught using cats?
Who: Mike Borsare
Why we love it: Cats and coding?! Come on. This was always going to be a winner for us.

The terror of technology
Source: Antoine Geiger

Source: Antoine Geiger

What: This fascinating, albeit terrifying, photo essay highlights how obsessed we’re becoming with our mobile phones.
Who: Antoine Geigeris
Why we love it: We’re all guilty of spending too much time on our phones, but this photo essay is still surprisingly shocking. The distorted photographs highlight our own warped and distorted perceptions of reality due to our generation’s dependency on technology and social media.

The devil is in the detail
Source: Davit Yukhanyan

Source: Davit Yukhanyan

What: An impressively detailed selection of illustrations that are made up of thousands of other mini illustrations.
Who: Davit Yukhan
Why we love it: The sheer level of detail in the illustrations is phenomenal in its own right. Yet, the concept behind it is just as captivating. The idea behind Yukhan’s illustrations within an illustration was to effectively reference our material world that is made up of thousands of different elements; it is only when these pieces are put together that you can see the reality of the bigger picture. We’re impressed.

Elf on the Shelf…and everywhere else!
Source: nannersp.com

Source: nannersp.com

What: Elf on the Shelf is something of a Christmas tradition, but we’re particularly fond of these 33 novel ideas of where else your Elf can sit…
Who: Buzzfeed
Why we love it: There’s something about his innocent expression that makes each of these scenarios hysterical. The elf posing as Leonardo DiCaprio whilst drawing a rag-doll version of Kate Winslet in Titanic? Genius.

So there you have it, another month of weird and wonderful Internet finds. We’d love to see what you’ve all stumbled upon in the dark recesses of the web, tweet us your best Internet finds.

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