Website Development Services

For a full and seamless online experience for your visitors we’ll design and develop your full website with integrated booking system and admin tools.


Flex Systems is built on a legacy of high-end web development, UX design and tech integrations. We understand the importance of quality user experience and brand consistency across your entire digital real estate.

This might mean designing and developing your booking system to match the look and feel of your existing site.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to refresh your brand or modernise your website at the same time then it makes sense to bring it all onto one platform.  

The key benefits of effective website development

Looks good in any browser

Looks good on any device

Safe & secure

Tailored to your needs

Easy-to-use CMS

Fully-tested website

Our website development service includes:

  • Requirements gathering and user stories
  • Device testing
  • Browser testing
  • Allowing clients to log issues
  • Full training 

Here’s how we develop a website

Design & Brief

All too often, our clients come to us with a website that’s jam-packed with plugins and extensions. As a result, it’s hard to control and sluggish. We’ll work with our design team to ensure your site or software solution is configured to meet your requirements.



Coding & Building

This is when the magic happens. Whether new site, application or booking system, our expert team of developers start to sprinkle the relevant code on the UX designs we created.



Testing & Launching

Now it’s time to test how things look and, importantly, how well they work on different browsers and devices. Our own 'think' platform has a responsive design in both the front and back end of the site. This means that it looks the same on a laptop, PC, mobile or tablet.

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