UX design that puts your customers first

Simplicity and elegance. Two words at the centre of how we work to meet your customers’ needs.


User Experience (UX) is the experience a person has when using a product or service. In our case this tends to be a website or application. But it is crucial to understand the bigger picture. The work we do has the potential to affect the way people perceive your brand.

We take our time to research you, your brand positioning, peers and competitors. We ask you questions about your service, your staff, your history and the plans for your future as a business. We look at your customers and work with them and you to understand their needs, motivations, frustrations and pain points.

It is this insight that lets us design a website or web application focused on the needs of your customers. All visual, technical and interaction decisions made always have the end user in mind.

The key benefits of user experience design

Improve usability

Decrease bounce rate

Avoid unnecessary features

Simplify processes

Clarify customers' needs

Interact more effectively

Our UX design services include:

  • User research
  • Usability testing of existing systems
  • User persona development
  • Information architecture and user flow
  • Customer journey mapping
  • User experience strategy
  • User experience design

Here’s how our user experience design services work

Research & investigate

Using a range of techniques and processes, we begin the project by understanding what it is we are hoping to achieve, who for and why. We work with you to gain insight into your business and how your customers interact with you.

Current systems are evaluated from a usability point of view and pain points are identified. We look at peers and competitors within your industry and establish your unique selling points and advantages over others.

Shape & plan

We take our findings and use them to inform the strategy. We set out what we think the end result should be and plan steps to get there. We use this time to review how content can be used to help your customers solve their problems.

This is the stage where most of the organisation takes place. We work with you to make sure people can find what they are looking for and design ways to guide them through the site or application to the desired outcomes.

Design & develop

All the work carried out lays the foundations and blueprints for a solution that meets the needs of your customers and your business. The process however does not end there.

We work closely with the creative design team and the technical development team throughout the project lifecycle. A collaborative handover session begins the visual design stage, with regular review stages as the project progresses into the technical development phase.

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