Quick and easy content management

A fully responsive and easy-to-use content management system, thinkCMS provides all of the tools and control you need to manage and update your website quickly and easily in-house.


Developed to be fully responsive in both the front and back end of the site, thinkCMS will allow your outward facing website to respond to different screen sizes. It will also allow you to make changes or updates to your site on a mobile or tablet device.

Adding new pages, images, videos, or documents and controlling menus, navigation and page ordering is easy with thinkCMS. The system also comes with a built-in SEO toolkit and can integrate with your social media accounts.

Whatever your industry, thinkCMS can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and can be integrated with your existing systems.

thinkCMS Features

Responsive to tablet and mobile devices

Integrated social media channels

Quick upload of images & documents

Built-in SEO features

Embed videos or other widgets

Responsive image feature (renders automatically)

Built-in support portal

thinkCMS Benefits

  • Advanced search options with version history
  • Make content updates with copy and paste from Word or HTML
  • Drop in responsive page elements for quick page production
  • High performance with page caching


  • Everything continues to work with new upgrades
  • Great technical support for users
  • Automatically search-engine optimised
  • Includes FREE project management software upVSIProject
  • Staff can be trained quickly and easily

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