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We've been providing SEO services in Cardiff for a number of years now, but we're still often surprised by the number of myths surrounding SEO. The fact is that SEO is a long, time-consuming process but it’s more than worth the investment in the long run. Whilst there aren’t any shortcuts, it’s more than worth the journey when you start raking the results in. Granted, as SEO is something of a science, it's not surprising that people keep getting it wrong. As such, we thought we'd explore and debunk some of the most common SEO myths that we've come across. 

Myth #1 - Content quantity over quality

Don't get us wrong, content plays a key role in your SEO strategy. And whilst it’s great to be posting a regular stream of content, it's important not to overdo this if it’s going to detract from the overall quality. Google’s sophisticated algorithms can easily detect content farms and content that's just produced for the sake of it. It's better to post engaging content once a week than to go out of your way to post new ill-thought-out pieces on a daily basis. 

Myth #2 - Social media has no impact on SEO

There's actually a very strong relationship between social media and SEO. As such, social media is instrumental in boosting your website traffic which, in turn, improves your SEO and keyword rankings. Plus, Google now uses social referrals as a sign to judge the content that you're sharing. 

Myth #3 - SEO is a one-time thing

Unfortunately, this one really doesn’t have an ounce of truth to it. You can’t just do the technical stuff once and expect your website to sit comfortably at position one on Google. Our jobs would be a lot easier if this was the case! For example, you could be writing the best blogs in the world, but if they aren't properly optimised, how will people ever find them? One of the most important aspects of an SEO strategy is getting the right balance.It’s about finding the right combination of technical optimisation and compiling an on-going content marketing strategy that works for your business.

 Myth #4 - SEO is dead

SEO isn’t going anywhere. Naturally, due to Google’s intelligent algorithms and updates, SEO changes regularly, but it never dies. It’s now a much more intricate and complex process, but it certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. There’ll always be benefits to organic website traffic and an effective SEO strategy is the best way to maximise those website visits in the long term.

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