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Quatro is a leading strategic communications consultancy specialising in public affairs and political and community engagement for the property sector.

The Brief

Quatro wanted a new brand identity, positioning statement and creative strategy that clearly communicated the fact that they were experienced thought-leaders on a local, national and global scale. This would be accompanied by the design and development of a brand new website.


The design process for a logo and brand identity can be broken down into three distinct parts; colour, icon and typeface.

We retained Quatro’s recognisable orange and purple brand colours and created a new icon.

Adapting the Q of their name into a target, the new icon depicts their focus on finding the best solution for their clients.

Since sans-serif fonts typically display better on screen, we sourced a modern sans-serif typeface for the new brand identity. A semi-circle version of the icon can also be used as an additional brand asset for any marketing or print materials.


After a series of briefing meetings with the Quatro team, we agreed on the key messages that outlined how the business defines and differentiates itself from competitors.

These messages were distilled into one positioning statement; “Solving problems, securing opportunities”.

Our copywriting team also used these key messages to create home-page content that summed up Quatro’s capabilities and skills. This would also inspire the visual creative strategy for the brand.

Rather than static imagery, we wanted Quatro’s website to reflect the dynamic, constantly-evolving worlds of politics, business and property.

We sourced and edited together a series of short videos that depicted each of these sectors. The first thing that people see when they visit the website, this video provides an engaging depiction of the company’s vibrancy and expertise.


With the creative strategy for the brand completed and the structure of Quatro's new website agreed, the user-experience team at UpriseVSI created a series of wireframe designs.

These established the structure of the internal pages within the website in terms of content, imagery and any interactions.

The layout was specifically designed to ensure that any visitors to the site would be able to find the information that they required quickly and easily.


When it came to the final design of the site, as well as the imagery and content, it was important to incorporate design elements that would encourage navigation.

Our website development team implemented some subtle animated interactions, including an animated underline on each page, a zoom on images for the blog page and an animated icon on the home page to encourage visitors to scroll down.

Fully responsive on any device, both the front end of the website and the admin areas of the content management system, using our thinkCMS technology, can be accessed via a tablet, smartphone or desktop.


"We enjoyed working with UpriseVSI on our new brand strategy and website. They took the time to understand our business and how we wanted to position ourselves and we are really happy with the end result."

Gary Pleasants
Managing Director & Co-Founder, Quatro

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