Website maintenance that you can depend on

Our experts in website support can provide help and technical advice to ensure that your website is running smoothly and safely for visitors.


Every business is now aware that having a website is pretty much mandatory. It gives potential customers an insight into your brand, the services you offer and how to get in touch. However, this is only helpful so long as the site is live and functioning properly!

You’ll want anyone who’s visiting your site to have the best experience possible. If everything is working as it should, it’s more likely that your visitor will convert into a lead and a subsequent sale. So it’s vital that your website is being hosted on a robust, reliable platform.

It’s inevitable that at some point a problem will occur. If it does, you want to be secure in the knowledge that there’s a safety net of dependable, tech-savvy support staff that will be there to help.

The key benefits of our website maintenance service

Capacity and bandwidth

Physical security

Virtual security

Robust firewalls

Backup power

Constant monitoring

Our hosting & support services include:

  • Server hosting and support
  • Database fix on fail
  • Site fix on fail
  • Software fix on fail
  • Ensuring web availability
  • Application support
  • PCI compliance

Here’s how our website hosting and support works


Forgive us for getting a bit technical, but our servers have a dedicated 30Mb link to the internet with a 120Mb burst rate capacity.


The network location is ‘Tier 1’; the highest level location of access on the internet in the UK. Or to put it simply, it’s fast and efficient.

Physical Security

All servers are located in a secure building with both physical and electronic security, including securely sectioned areas. All Network Operation Centres are protected by secure key card entry control, CCTV monitoring and recording, NACOSS approved intruder detection system and ISO9001 & ISO27001 certified. Basically, it’s safe as houses.

Hardware Security

The core routers are protected by intelligent redundant border firewalls, providing constant monitoring of network packets.


The firewalls provide complete control over TCP/IP information entering or leaving the network.

Power Redundancy

1 KW per rack of UPS and generator protection providing 20 minutes of UPS with auxiliary diesel backup power generation for a further 48 hours.


Which means that if there’s ever a power outage, you won’t notice because we’ve got it covered.


The servers are powered by the latest Intel quad-core processors and 15,000rpm SCSI Hard Drive optimised for database applications. While you don’t need to know what that means, the important thing is that we do. Our technical expertise meant that we can offer a level of performance and security that’s above what you might receive from a managed solution.



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