European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Priority Funding

Flex Systems has received £30,000 of ERDF Priority (1) funding from the Welsh Government (see link below).  

The funding has been granted in connection with a project that we are undertaking to investigate new technology solutions in the continued development of the Flex Systems Flexible Worker Management Solution.

The project, which will undertake market and competitor analysis alongside functional specification preparations and feasibility studies for smart scheduling, collaboration tools and mobile tracking, will enable Flex Systems to optimise scheduling performance, flexibility and worker benefits that would be derived from using the Flex software.  

In granting the £30,000 funding, the Welsh Government will be providing valuable support to the project, in recognition of the internal investment Flex Systems has committed to make in the research and development of its software solutions.

More information on European Funding can be found by visiting the Welsh Government website (link: