Brand design and strategy agency

A good brand design agency knows that your marketing strategy is about more than just your logo, name and strapline.


A brand and marketing strategy needs to encompass everything that you stand for. It’s the first impression you make as a business and defines you every time you interact with your customers.

When you give your brand a personality, you can determine a look and feel, colour palette, writing style and visual approach. This will affect which marketing platforms can be used to speak to your customers. Whether that’s radio, TV, press, outdoor, digital advertising, or direct marketing, we’ll recommend the most efficient way to get your message across.

As a branding agency, we’ll look at the pain points that your customers experience and present your business as the solution to their problems. By highlighting the features and benefits of your product or service, we can define your key messages and tell people why they should do business with you.

The key benefits of an overarching brand & marketing strategy

Consistent brand identity

Pre-planned activity

Measurable metrics

Highlight benefits & features

Communicate key messages

Differentiate your business

Our brand and marketing strategy service includes:

  • Competitor research
  • Strategy workshops
  • Marketing audit and analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Key messaging
  • Defining missions & values
  • Strategy document and marketing plan

Here’s how we create a brand & marketing strategy

The Workshop

Everything starts with a strategy workshop where we pick apart every aspect of your business. Using SWOT analyses, process audits and other techniques, we get a full understanding of how your business works.


You’re often too close to see the unique spark that sets your business apart from the crowd. We’ll look at everything from how you answer your phones, your dress code and how you handle issues. We’ll take all of this information and use it to define your brand identity.

Defining the Brand

Our team of creative and marketing experts will study all of the information about your business. Every aspect will be explored, dissected and concentrated down into missions, values, positioning statements, key messages and defining factors.


When combined, these will form the starting point of your brand and marketing strategy.

Creating a Strategy

Now it’s our job to filter out the most important elements. At this point, we’re always mindful of two of our most important guiding principles; keep it simple and think like a customer.


We’ll create an uncomplicated, highly-targeted strategy that clearly states who your target market is. We’ll define the most important messages to be communicated and advise on how and where we’ll do that. Once that’s presented, we can put together a detailed calendar of when all of your marketing activity can take place and bring your brand to life.

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